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comedge3.rta (Serial Communications)
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Driver for the Digi International Edgeport line of USB multi-channel serial device. The file comedge3.rta is provided for use with the newer usb3.rta USB stack.

comedge3 [first=x] [basepri={5..252}]


Register channels beginning at COM(X). The default is COM20.
Set the priority of threads not fixed by the USB or SERVICE subsystems.


Channels are installed beginning at the "first" parameter. If that channel is already taken, the channels are installed starting at the first available position. Consequently, care must be taken to ensure that devices of one type are installed in consecutive positions by plugging like devices into adjacent USB hub ports. Uninstalling a device driver or unplugging the USB device frees the allocated channels for use by other drivers.


INtime 3.1
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