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Cancels all outstanding asynchronous operations on a file.

BOOLEAN CancelRtIo (
ASYNCIO pAsync);


A pointer to an ASYNCIO structure previously used to start a read or a write operation.


Any and all outstanding operations for the file handle within the current process are canceled. TRUE will be returned even if there were no outstanding transactions.

Note: Asynchronous file operations are not currently supported on INtime Distributed RTOS

Return value

TRUE on success. FALSE on failure. Possible failures include the following (returned from GetLastRtError()):

Status value Meaning
E_EXIST The handle provided is not a valid handle
E_TYPE The handle provided is not a handle for a file
E_BAD_BUF The address of the ASYNCIO structure is invalid or not writable
E_NOT_CONFIGURED Call is not supported in INtime Distributed RTOS.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 6.0 intime/rt/include/rtbase.h rt.h rt.lib

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