INtime SDK Help
c (SDM)

Compares the block of memory that begins at the source address with the block of memory that begins at the destination address.

[size] c source-address,destination-address


The decimal number of sequential bytes you want SDM to compare.
The beginning address of the source block of memory.
The beginning address of the destination block of memory.


The size of the memory blocks must be at least as large as the number of bytes entered with the size parameter. SDM displays any mismatched bytes in this format:

aaaa:bbbb xx yy cccc:dddd

In this format, aaaa:bbbb and cccc:dddd are the addresses of the bytes that do not match and xx and yy are the bytes themselves.


To compare two blocks of memory, each of which is 16 bytes long, enter:

..16c cs:118, cs:1a4-5

SDM responds with these mismatches:

0200:00000118 6E 28 0200:0000019F
0200:0000011A 67 4E 0200:000001A1
0200:00000123 3C 2D 0200:000001AA

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