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Obtains the C library information _CINFO_STRUCT for the calling task.

#include <rtext.h>

int _get_info (unsigned int count, _CINFO_STRUCT *cinfo);


Number of elements to be returned in _CINFO_STRUCT.
Pointer to CINFO_STRUCT:
typedef struct _cinfo_struct32f {
        int _reserved;
        unsigned long   accounting;
        unsigned short  num_accounting;
        unsigned short  num_clib_functs;
        unsigned long   flags;
        unsigned long   global_flags;
        unsigned short  num_files;


accounting Pointer to an array containing a counter for each configured function in the C library. The C library uses this array to keep track of the number of times a function has been called since the library was loaded, and to indicate whether or not a function is configured.
num_accounting Size of the accounting array.
num_clib_functs Number of functions implemented in this version of the C Library.
flags One entry per function indicating whether the function is configured.
num_files Number of entries in the C library file handle table for this process.

Return Values

>= 0
Success. The number of elements actually returned. This value should be used in subsequent calls to _set_info.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/rtext.h rtext.h clib.lib

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