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EVENTINFO structure

This structure returns notifications about system state, sponsor processes, dependent processes, and shutdown notifications. The dwNotifyType field determines the meaning of the other fields.


typedef struct _tag_event_info {
    DWORD dwNotifyType;
    DWORD dwLocation;
    DWORD dwProcessId;


Specifies one of the following Notification Types Received:
TERMINATE This process is being terminated. The process must immediately clean up and exit.
RTIO_CONSOLE_CLOSED The console window has been closed by the user (see Miscellaneous Configuration panel for details).
DEPENDENT_REGISTERED A dependent registered against this sponsor process.
DEPENDENT_UNREGISTERED A dependent unregistered against this sponsor process.
DEPENDENT_TERMINATED A dependent of this sponsor process terminated without unregistering itself.
SPONSOR_UNREGISTERED This sponsor process unregistered itself.
SPONSOR_TERMINATED The sponsor of this dependent process terminated.
RT_CLIENT_DOWN The real-time client is now offline.
NT_HOST_DOWN The Windows host is now offline.
RT_CLIENT_UP The real-time client is now active.
NT_HOST_UP The Windows host is now active.
NT_BLUESCREEN The local Windows host had a bluescreen error. When a bluescreen occurs, Windows is not allowed to run so that RT applications can continue. If you would like Windows to continue shutting down, you can use the RtContinueWindowsShutdown API.
NT_HOST_SHUTDOWN_PENDING The Windows host shutdown is imminent. You can block Windows shutdown by calling RtShutdownBlockReasonCreate. Once you have finished cleanup, you can call RtShutdownBlockReasonDestroy.
KERNEL_SHUTDOWN_PENDING This message is sent before a node is stopped. There is a configurable delay (default 500 ms) before the KERNEL_STOPPING message is sent and the node is stopped.
KERNEL_STOPPING The kernel will stop shortly.
NT_HOST_HIBERNATE The Windows Host is going into a hibernate state and the kernel will be stopped.
NT_HOST_STANDBY The Windows Host is going into a standby state and the kernel will be stopped.
Reserved for future use. Always returns 0 (zero).
Specifies the process identifier of the process that has registered/unregistered or terminated.
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