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CHDESC structure

See ntxMapRtPhysicalMemoryList


// Address list for MapRtPhysicalMemoryList(), MapRtPhysicalMemoryList64(), and ntxMapRtPhysicalMemoryList()
typedef struct tagChunkDesc {
    DWORD reserved1[2];
    DWORD dwFlags;
    DWORD reserved2[3];
    DWORD cbByteCount;
    DWORD reserved3;
    QWORD paBlock[1];


Specifies the properties of the mapped memory. By default, the properties of the mapped view of the memory are read/write, cache enabled, write-back caching policy. This parameter allows modifying some of the default properties. Possible flags include:
PTE_WRITE_THRU Enables write-through caching policy for the mapped memory.
PTE_CACHE_DISABLE Disables caching for the mapped memory.
PTE_PAT Allows setting the PAT bit to index the desired PAT entry to select caching policy for the mapped memory.
The size in bytes of the area to be mapped.
The ??.
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