INtime SDK Help
SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)

SNTP.rta is a client and server implementation of the SNTP protocol as described in RFC 4330

sntp.rta [options] [server [...]]

Command line parameters

-pri n
Set client or server thread priority to n. Default 130, may be in range 130 to 254
-r n
Refresh_rate of n seconds. Default is 64 seconds. min 64, max 0xffffffff
Write cmos clock. Write the cmos clock the first time that client is synchronized
Enable debug output at level
Enable verbose output
Operate in client unicast mode.
Operate in client broadcast mode
Operate in client manycast mode
Operate in server unicast mode
Operate in server broadcast mode
Operate in server manycast mode
server [...]
List of servers, for client mode. A server may be specified as a DNS name or an IP address. If no servers are listed, then client reverts to manycast mode unless broadcast mode (-cb) is specified.

client modes

the client contacts specific time servers for synchronization
the client waits for an SNTP server to periodically broadcast the time.
the client sends a multicast message and waits for servers to respond. There after, the client operates in unicast mode to the servers that were noted by their response.

server modes

the server waits for a client to ask for time synchronization
the server periodically broadcast the time. In this mode unicast requests are also responded to.
the server waits for multicast message and responds.

rtconfig.sys parameters

The parameters in the [SNTP] section in the "Advanced" parameters for the node set the default behavior of the utility, but may be overriden by the command line parameters.

ENABLED=0FFH;Is SNTP enabled. If not, then sntp exits immediately
PRIORITY=082H; Priority of Client and Server threads. Min 130, max 254
DEBUG=0H; Debug mode
VERBOSE=0; Verbosity level Min 0, max 255
CMOSUPDATE=0H; Update PC CMOS clock when time is first set. Default 0
DNSREFRESH=05H; How often server names should be resolved by DNS. Min 5 minutes, max unlimited
MINADJUST=14H; The minimum time difference to adjust. Default 20 milliseconds. Min 20, Max unlimited.
GRADADJUST=05H; The maximum amount of time difference to gradually adjust. Min 5 minutes, max unlimited
CLIENTMODE=1H; The mode for the client. 0 = unicast client 1 = many cast client 2 = broadcast client.
SERVERMODE=0H; The mode for the server. This value is a bit mask. 0 = no server 1 = unicast server 2 = broadcast server 4 = many cast server
REFRESH=040H; How often to refresh the time Min 64 seconds, max unlimited
SERVER0=''; The first SNTP server. May be DNS name or ip address.
SERVER1=''; The second SNTP server. May be DNS name or ip address.
SERVER2=''; The third SNTP server. May be DNS name or ip address.


This service is currently only supported on INtime Distributed RTOS hosts.