INtime SDK Help
RTAvers (rtavers.exe)

RTAvers.exe is a Windows utility which shows the file version information, if it is present.

 This utility creates a pop-up showing the File version and Product version from the resource file.

It works on .exe, .rta, .dll, & .rsl files (or any file with resources).

This utility uses the Windows resource file incluced in a compiled program.

The INtime Visual Studio wizards do not include the resource file required to show versions, but it can be added. INtime uses the standard resource file. An existing .RC file can be copied and modified.

See the example in the project directory for the Graphical Jitter Display: \Documents\INtime\Projects\jittercs2\jitterrta\clk1jitr.rc

Follow this link for more information.
Resource Files (C++) | Microsoft Docs

This utility uses the API calls: GetFileVersionInfoSize, GetFileVersionInfo, VerQueryValue.