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COMMCONFIG structure (Serial Communications)

Contains information about the configuration state of a communications device.

typedef struct _COMMCONFIG {
  DWORD dwSize;
  WORD  wVersion;
  WORD  wReserved;
  DCB   dcb;
  DWORD dwProviderSubType;
  DWORD dwProviderOffset;
  DWORD dwProviderSize;
  WCHAR wcProviderData[1];


Size, in bytes, of the COMMCONFIG structure.
Version number of the COMMCONFIG structure. This parameter can be 1. The version of the provider-specific structure should be included in the wcProviderData member.
Reserved; do not use.
Device-control block (DCB) structure for RS-232 serial devices. A DCB structure is always present regardless of the port driver subtype specified in the device's COMMPROP structure.
Identifies the type of communications provider, and thus the format of the provider-specific data. For a list of communications provider types, see the description of the COMMPROP structure.
Offset, in bytes, of the provider-specific data relative to the beginning of the structure. This member is zero if there is no provider-specific data.
Size, in bytes, of the provider-specific data.
Optional provider-specific data. This member can be of any size or can be omitted. Because the COMMCONFIG structure may be expanded in the future, applications should use the dwProviderOffset member to determine the location of this member.


If the provider subtype is PST_RS232 or PST_PARALLELPORT, the wcProviderData member is omitted. If the provider subtype is PST_MODEM, the wcProviderData member contains a MODEMSETTINGS (unsupported) structure.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.1 intime/rt/include/comm.h comm.h comm.lib
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