INtime SDK Help

INtime help includes the following reference topics:

Topic Description
INtime directory structure Describes the INtime directory structure.
Status codes Lists and describes status codes (numeric values that represent unique conditions)and their mnemonic.
Support and service Explains how to contact TenAsys for support.
Software license and warranty Displays the INtime license and warranty agreement.
LNC Library Local Local Node Configuration library.
Troubleshooting Lists problems you may encounter while running INtime software and explains how to avoid or resolve those problems.
Utilities Describes INtime utilities and explains how to run them.
Network utilities Lists the INtime network utilities.
Upgrading older INtime projects Describes how to upgrade existing INtime projects to use the Visual Studio .NET product and its debugger.
Virtual Ethernet configuration Describes INtime Virtual Ethernet system which provides "virtual Ethernet connection" between INtime node(s) and Windows system on a single PC.