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New in INtime SDK version 7.0

Note: For any additional information about new INtime features, see the release notes file.
Go to Start -> INtime -> Release Notes.

Support for Windows Secure Boot and Windows 11

Support has been added for Windows Secure Boot for INtime for Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Support for Visual Studio 2022

This includes all the INtime Wizards, add-ins, project support, debugging and help features of previous Visual Studio versions. All editions are supported except the Express edition (which does not allow add-ins and other enhancements).

Updated C++ support library (cpplib20.lib)

C++ support is initially limited to the C++20 implementation provided for Visual Studio 2019. More features will be released in future updates.

To upgrade an existing project to use the new version, check the relevant section of the Developing INtime Applications page. The INtime application and other Wizards for Visual Studio version 2019 have been updated to generate support for the new libraries.

New Platform Assessment Tool (TPAT)

The Platform Assessment Tool (TPAT) evaluates a PC platform’s real-time behavior - works on local and remote INtime nodes.

Enhanced functionality for INtime Distributed RTOS

Support for Intel 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet controllers

Improved License Manager tool interfacing with new TenAsys License Portal

The License Manager has improved feedback and new capabilities for both the GUI and the command line.

Deprecations in INtime 7 SDK

Header file change

The near and far keywords in the header files have been purged. These have no effect on the compiler and are regarded as obsolete. Any source code making use of these keywords will need to be updated.

Certain network interfaces are no longer supported in INtime 7.

These include the following:

The following Visual Studio versions are no longer supported for new projects:

Existing projects will still compile and debug. No new projects can be created with the deprecated versions.

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